Editorial, Volume six (1)

Cynthia van Ammers (Co-Editor)

Aleisha Telford

Natalie Smith

Karishma Turner

Kit Spence

Pornography and Youth: What effects does excess pornography consumption have on mental or sexual health outcomes in youth?

Benjamin Rowley

Therapeutic design features for hospital staff break areas: The role of nature in nurse wellbeing.

Amy M Wilson

Mental Health in Māori: What are the risk factors that contribute to poorer mental health outcomes within the Māori population?

Eliza Poulter

Diagnostic delay for endometriosis — A bleeding issue

Claudia Unkovich-Mcnab

Does nurses emotional intelligence affect their ability to be critical thinkers/reasoners in the clinical setting?

Hayley Black

Does hyperthermia treatment for people diagnosed with terminal cancer, allow for a better quality of life?

Jemma Bower

The effectiveness of school nutrition policies: a public health perspective

Catherine Huggins

Are mothers who exclusively breastfed their child protected from developing postpartum depression in comparison to mothers who non-exclusively breastfed?New Nursing Article Page

Brianna Atkins

Does Conductive Education have an impact on the overall development of children with cerebral palsy?

April-Lily Sule

How will the aging nurse workforce impact on rural healthcare and what can be done to address this issue?

Anja Koehler

Artificial blue light and teenagers: Does artificial blue light exposure at night have negative health and wellbeing implications on teenagers?

Maya Wilson

Volume Six, 2019