The Art of Nursing

Deserét Amende

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The Art of Nursing

By Deserét Amende third year student nurse

A nurse; a painter, their work; the art.

What we see on the canvas, they feel in their heart.

The masterpiece, each see in their mind

is the best nurse for them, it’s theirs to define.

It’s always changing, a different view

of what’s important, unique only to you.

Competent care, with uniqueness in mind,

safety is always the bottom line.

A nurse is made of many things,

but the most important that they bring,

their self-awareness and compassion,

in their work they have such passion.

The foundation in nursing is compassionate care,

this is the start, the canvas is bare.

The desire to help, when one is in need,

for some it’s a burden, for them it’s a need.

Compassionate care helps build the bonds,

incorporated in care, the patient responds.

Each different person has their own idea,

of how they see compassionate care.

For some it can be as small as a smile,

the effects of this action can be seen for a mile.

The paint is the passion they have in their work,

what might have been tiring, can now be a perk.

Passion for nursing can provide a glow,

the drive to do better, inspiration to grow.

Loving the job sometimes is enough,

a light in the dark, when a day has been rough.

It can make you see the good in the rotten,

focus on the happy, the sadness forgotten.

Self-awareness, the final component,

can unveil ourselves as an opponent

This concept is the brush in hand,

what makes the painting from good, to grand.

When dipped in the paint, each stroke of the brush,

provides new insight, new learning for us,

As we learn from the brush, it creates a new trail,

a new story to tell, the image sets sail.

We learn and we grow most every day,

every encounter, has a part to play.

Ask any nurse, why they do it that way,

and I can guarantee that they will say,

It’s what I have been taught, by many before,

adapted by me, so that I ensure,

the patient is safe, while under my care

we learn from the past, we learn and we share.