Jean Ross


  1. Editorial - Volume One, 2013 Main Content


    By Jean Ross, Principal Lecturer

    Editor in Chief

    This first edition of the School of Nursing Online Journal celebrates student nurses’ published academic work. These students have the opportunity to contribute to the growing body of nursing knowledge. Positioning this work within an online medium offers the opportunity for a wide audience with the benefit of engaging with this work. The overall aim of the Journal is to improve access to evidence-based knowledge transfe…
  2. Editorial, Volume Two (1), 2016 Main Content

    This second edition of the School of Nursing Online Journal continues to build on the first edition and editorial (Ross, 2013) with the aim of advancing the teaching activities and learning opportunities students encounter as a component of their bachelor of nursing programme. Although there has been a lapse in the publication of this journal between 2013 and 2016 students work during 2014-2016 has continued and are published in three separate editions during 2016.

    In order for nu…